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About us

Ever Brite is a medium sized cleaning company trading in London and the northern Home Counties. We are large enough to compete with national providers but small enough to offer a personal touch. Our senior team work hard to maintain close contact with our clients, personally attending review meetings with them. Our aim is to provide high quality services effectively and safely, whilst also providing a learning environment to enable our employees to better themselves

The Quality Factor

We are accredited with ISO9001:2008(UKAS), ISO14001:2004 (UKAS) and OHSAS 18001. Our Quality Manuals don’t sit on a shelf gathering dust. Cleaning is a service delivered through the daily adherence by hundreds of staff to individual specifications and method statements. The procedures in our quality management system are designed to ensure this happens and are implemented rigorously on a day to day basis. We know things can sometimes go wrong and we’re not ashamed of the fact that our Help Desk receives calls from clients who occasionally have reason to bring faults to our attention. It’s how we respond to them that often makes our client relationships stronger.


We are also champions of sustainable development and have implemented an Environmental Management System as part of our ISO14001 accreditation. This identifies the ways our cleaning methods impact on the environment and how we can mitigate these impacts.

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Our aim is to protect public and communal areas. Our products are perfect for care homes, hospitals, venue halls, shopping malls and schools.