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Dust Control Mats

Did you know that 70-80% of the soiling found in your premises is tracked in from outside on the bottom of footwear? 1000 people entering your building can carry more than 2kg of soiling over a weekly period, so it’s wise to consider dust control matting and the impact it can have on the overall image of your company and cleaning costs. Typically, 40% of your cleaning budget is spent on floor maintenance, but up to 90% of this soiling can be stopped with correctly sized and placed barrier matting.

Tracked in moisture is also the prime cause of accidental slips and falls on hard floor coverings, so using mats to control the spread of wet areas will help also improve your health and safety performance.

Logo matting

We can supply matting for every situation in a variety of colours and styles from a discreet entrance mat to bold image-making logo matting.

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Our aim is to protect public and communal areas. Our products are perfect for care homes, hospitals, venue halls, shopping malls and schools.